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About This Site

Website Policy

About This Site


Information in the grant database on this website is copied from the intranet used by the Toyota Foundation in its daily operations (administrative information has been removed).

The grant database contains records of more than 5,000 projects that have been undertaken since the establishment of the Toyota Foundation. Entries include the name and professional affiliation of the grant recipient, the project title, the grant amount, and a project summary in Japanese and English. Japanese summaries of research results are also included in some entries for recent Research Grants. In addition, the database contains records of more than 1,000 research result publications and reports based on Toyota Foundation projects.

Site Aims

In designing this site, priority was given to providing basic information on the Toyota Foundation and to making the site easy to use for those seeking grant funding. As such, decorative elements have been kept to a minimum.

In terms of technology, this site avoids dependence on a specific browser and complies as much as possible with W3C XHTML 1.0 specifications.


This website is updated with the latest grant records following the March, June, and September Board of Directors meetings.

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