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Program Objectives

This grant program supports projects tackling social issues arising from rapid development of advanced technologies such as AI and IoT. For details, please visit our Japanese site at https://www.toyotafound.or.jp/special/2020/advanced.htmlこのリンクは別ウィンドウで開きます

*"Co-Creating New Society with Advanced Technologies" application forms are only available in Japanese.

Comments by Selection Committee Chair

Comments by the Selection Committee Chair on Co-Creating New Society with Advanced Technologies 2020このリンクは別ウィンドウで開きます
Previous comments are available in the Annual Report.

Grant List

Grant Number Project Title Project Representative Organization/Position Grant Amount(yen)
D20-ST-0009 Practical Application of a Fraudulent Accounting Detection AI Model for Sound Capital Market Formation: Fusion research that adds the perspective of a practitioner to the three areas of accounting, law, and statistics Koken Ozaki Faculty of Business Science, University of Tsukuba/Associate Professor 6,000,000
D20-ST-0017 Community Development Using Advanced Technology in a Depopulated and Aging Area: Action research on supporting the elderly using social robots as part of a comprehensive community care system Kimihiko Daimon Longevity Long-term Care Division, Izu City Hall, Shizuoka Prefecture/Chief Examiner 9,200,000
D20-ST-0024 A Vision of “MELSIT”: Co-constructing models of multidisciplinary “ELSI Talents” (MELSIT) and collaborative designing for the next MELSIT development Yusuke Shikano Research Center on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues, Osaka University/Specially Appointed Fellow 5,000,000
D20-ST-0030 Study of the Global Situation of Drug-Resistant Bacteria and the Impact of Introducing an AI-Based Bacterial Diagnosis Assistance System into Clinical Laboratories Tatsuya Yamada GramEye Inc./Director,(Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University)/(Undergraduate) 6,800,000
D20-ST-0033 Research on Practical IoT Education Curriculum at Kosen Osamu Saito CO-Works Co.,Ltd./Engineer 5,200,000
D20-ST-0034 The Promotion of eSport Science: Toward the social implementation of next-generation sport created by the fusion of sport science and ICT Takashi Matsui Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences/Research and Development Center for Sport Innovation,University of Tsukuba/Assistant Professor 7,800,000

Grant Framework

Call for Proposals October 1st to early December,2020(tentative)
Total Amount of Grants 40 million yen
Grant Amount per Project Up to 10 million yen
Length of Grant One to three years, beginning April 1, 2021
Grant Selection Formal decisions on the awarding of grants will be made at the Toyota Foundation Board of Directors Meeting scheduled to be held in March 2021, based on the deliberations of a selection committee composed of outside experts.

Program Guidelines and Application Form

※The application closed on December 4, 2020. Thank you for your interest.
Japanese document only.

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