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Research Grant Program

Research Grant Program 2013

Program Title: Exploring Knowledge to Build a Better Future

Program Objectives

"Exploring Knowledge to Build a Better Future," the program provides support for Joint Research Grant program (Category A), under the framework of “Research that Aims to Explore New Social Values” (A1) and “Research that Addresses Social Issues” (A2). We also welcome proposals for Individual Research Grant program (Category B), targeting younger researchers who are eager to contribute to society through research activities that can be expected to address social issues or explore new values for society.

Comments by Selection Committee Chair

Grant List

TYTID Project Title Project Leader Position, Organization Grant Amount (Yen)
Joint Research Catergory A1
D13-R-0053 Institutional Design for Sustainable Conservation of Natural Resources: Institutional Design for Enacting a Soil Conservation Act Tomoyoshi Murata Senior Researcher, National Institute for Environmental Studies 5,700,000
D13-R-0401 International Joint Research on the Concept of the “Elastic Public Sphere” in Cambodia Fuyuki Makino Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University 5,500,000
D13-R-0413 How Can We Maintain “Richness” of Agriculture? : Focusing on Utilization and Protection of Heirloom Crops Ryoto Tomita Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Shizuoka University 4,000,000
D13-R-0577 Localizing Biodiversity: Introduction of an Environmental Education System to Support Spontaneous Conservation Efforts by the Local Community in Western Tanzania Michio Nakamura Associate Professor, Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University 8,000,000
D13-R-0669 A New Concept on Water Culture Utilizing the Multi-function of Urban Lakes in Jakarta Metropolitan Area Ami Aminah Meutia Project Researcher, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature 5,100,000
D13-R-0762 From Fukushima to the World from Past to Future: An Interdisciplinary, Practice-Oriented Project to Build a Global Network of Hibakusha and Archive their Narratives Hiroko Aihara Representative Director, Japan Perspective News, Inc. 7,100,000
Joint Research Category A2
D13-R-0011 Development of Warm-hearted School-community Environment through Mutual Support of Children: Education of Students to Make Them Able and Willing to Help Peers Suffering from Bullying and Mental Difficulties Tsukasa Sasaki Professor, Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo 6,000,000
D13-R-0015 Using Life Reviews to Preserve the Narratives of Hansen’s Disease Survivors and Improve Nurses’ End-of-life Care Skills Makiko Kondo Associate Professor, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Okayama University 3,400,000
D13-R-0055 “Product-based Ethnography” of a Ladakhi Village in Northern India: Challenges of Alternative Approaches to Research Aimed at Contributing to Local Societies Takayoshi Yamaguchi Research Fellow, National Institute for Agro-Environment Science 3,500,000
D13-R-0088 Development of a Continuing Care Model for Older Adults With Stroke in Cantho City, Vietnam Tran Thi Hanh Head of Office, Office for Scientific Research and International Relations, Cantho Medical College 4,500,000
D13-R-0113 Towards the Farmland Development along Senegal River in Mauritania: Flood Control and Traditional Custom of Water Resource Management Mitsuteru Irie Associate Professor, Alliance for Research on North Africa, University of Tsukuba 7,600,000
D13-R-0144 Post-Catastrophe Cultural Psychotherapy: Lessons from Chernobyl and Fukushima Osamu Ieda Professor, Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University 7,000,000
D13-R-0151 The Socio-Economic Transformation and the Crisis of the Family in Asia Margarita Estevez-Abe Associate Professor, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University 6,000,000
D13-R-0843 Towards a Proposal to Improve the Legal System for the Continual Use of Historical Buildings Toru Ajisaka Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kagoshima University 3,100,000
Individual Research Category B
D13-R-0016 Picturing What War Has Brought to Soldiers’ Mind and Body: Focusing on “War-Neurosis” in Japanese Imperial Army Eri Nakamura Graduate Student, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University 800,000
D13-R-0102 Dynamics of the Diffusion Process of Afforestation Technique in the Village of East Africa Ryugo Kurosaki Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Fukuoka University of Education 500,000
D13-R-0121 Changes of Reproductive Ability and Genetic Structure in Bryophyte Species Affected by the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Emiko Oguri Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University 1,600,000
D13-R-0142 Medical Anthropology of “Savage Healers”: The Hybridized Healing Cultures in Okinawa Island and Psychotherapy Kaito Towhata Clinical Psychologist, Nakama Clinic 950,000
D13-R-0175 Sexual Violence against Children in Aceh: Researching Backgrounds and Exploring Local Value to Reconstruct ‘New’ Socio- Cultural Mechanisms of Child Protection Eka Srimulyani Lecturer, Islamic University of Ar-Raniry 350,000
D13-R-0196 Why They Do Not Utilize Disinfection Technology: A Perspective from a Least Developed Country-Myanmar Hiroshi Sakai Project Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo 1,500,000
D13-R-0200 Establishing a Community-participating Method of Heritage Preservation at the Gansu Site of Stone Caves, China: In Search for the Local Identity as “The East End of the Silk Road” Mei Li Graduate Student, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba 1,500,000
D13-R-0212 Utilizing Activities of Non-experts for Urban Development: Civil Participation and Self-Help Groups in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Ryo Takiguchi Postdoctoral Researcher, Graduate School of Letters, Hokkaido University 1,500,000
D13-R-0292 The New Ideas and Practices on Fund Supplying: Focusing on the GLS Bank Kiminori Hayashi Part-time Lecturer, Tsuru University 1,500,000
D13-R-0379 Changing Identity and Lifestyle of Myanmar Refugees in a Refugee Camp near the Thai-Myanmar Border: Observation through Documentary Film Making Riyo Naoi Graduate Student, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University 1,500,000
D13-R-0408 The Damages from Natural Disasters in Early Modern Japan: Mortality Patterns and its Formation Factor Hiroyuki Ikemoto Research Associate, Kyoto University 1,200,000
D13-R-0420 Photovoice for Vulnerability: Disaster Adaptation in Central Philippines Yanjun Cai Graduate Student, Deptartment of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Hawaii at Manoa 1,500,000
D13-R-0431 The Present and Future of Small- and Medium-sized Companies: A Case Study in the Areas around the Fukushima-1 Plant Kohei Yoshida Visiting Scholar, Graduate School of Humanities, Tokyo Metropolitan University 1,600,000
D13-R-0465 Big Data, Big Visions: Challenges and Opportunities for British Civil Society Engagement with Data-Driven Research William Allen Research Officer, ESRC Centre on Migration, Policy, and Society, University of Oxford 1,400,000
D13-R-0555 Practical Effectiveness of Education Policy to “Quasi-child Labour” in India: Defining a New Framework of the Child Labour Called “Quasi-child Labour” Aika Karatani Graduate Student, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University 1,600,000
D13-R-0562 Study on Behavior Change Support to Prevent Criminal Act and Reoffending: Focusing on Cognition of Thought and Behavior, and Interaction among Inmates Hiromi Tanabe Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University 700,000
D13-R-0612 Discovery and Transmission of New Values of Cultural Heritages in Local Communities: Aiming to Establish a Basis for Utilization of the Cultural Heritages by Public Participation in Kharakhorin District, Mongolia Natsuki Shimizu Lecturer, Faculty of Letters, Nara University 800,000
D13-R-0685 An Anthropological Study on the Reorganization of Youth Associations and Their Cooperative Roles in Post-independent South Sudan: Toward the Reconstruction of Local Communities through Fulfilling the Vision of Youth Eri Hashimoto Graduate Student, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University 1,600,000
D13-R-0869 Practical Consideration for Participatory Design in the Public Policy: Focusing on the Efforts of International Organization on Participatory Democracy (IODP) Yuki Yoshida Graduate Student, Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology 1,400,000

Grant Framework

Application Period Application is closed for FY2013
Amount of Grants Category A (Joint Research Grant): Up to around 5 million yen per year
Category B (Individual Research Grant): Up to around 1 million yen per year
Total Amount of Grants 100 million yen (for both Joint and Individual projects)
Period of Grants One year or two years, beginning November 1, 2013
Selection of Grants Formal decisions on the awarding of grants will be made by the Toyota Foundation Board of Directors at meetings to be held in late September or October 2013, based on the deliberations of a selection committee consisting of outside experts.

Program Guidelines and Application Form

  • Proposal GuidelinesPDFファイル(472KB)
  • Application Form Samples
    Joint Research GrantsPDFファイル(434KB)
    Individual Research GrantsPDFファイル(412KB)

    ーGrant Typesー
    Category A (Joint Research)
    1. Research that Aims to Explore New Social Values
    2. Research that Addresses Social Issues

    Category B (Individual Research)
    We target individual research projects by young researchers that can be expected to benefit society in a way that leads either to the 
    finding of new values or to the solution of today’s concrete social problems. We welcome exploratory research with the potential to 
    lead to future detailed studies and practical solutions to problems.

Recommended Documents

Please see the following interview with the Chair of Selection Committee, Professor Toshio Kuwako about "Research that Aims to Explore New Social Values” ...→

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