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Research Grant Program

Research Grant Program 2016

Research Grant Program
                                          "Exploring New Values for Society"

Program Objectives

Research Grant Program 2016, titled "Exploring New Values for Society", provides two grant frameworks respectively for joint research projects and individual research projects that can be expected to lead to "creation of new values for society". For both frameworks, the program solicits ambitious research projects that explore basic ways of thinking and methodologies to address difficult issues to be faced by future society; issues that are on a global scale; issues that transcend generations; and nascent problems that will only fully manifest themselves in the future.

Grant Frameworks

Public Notification Period May 16 to September 2, 2016
Total Amount of Grants 100 million yen (Joint Research Grants: Approx. 80 million yen. Individual Research Grants: Approx. 20 million yen.)
Amount of Grant per Project Joint Research Grants: Up to 4 million yen per year
Individual Research Grants: Up to 1 million yen per year
Period of Grants One year or two years, beginning May 1, 2017
Project Proposal Requirements No limitations are placed on proposals with regard to the nationality or place of residence of the project representative or participants; nor is there any restriction with regard to the their affiliation (or lack thereof) with a university, research institute, NPO/NGO, or other organization.
Grant Categories (A) Joint Research Grants
(B) Individual Research Grants
Selection of Grants Formal decisions on the awarding of grants will be made at the Toyota Foundation Board of Directors meetings scheduled to be held in March 2017, based on the deliberations of a selection committee composed of outside experts.


Proposal Guidelines

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Comments by Selection Committee Chair

Previous comments are available in the Annual Report.

Special Article

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