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International Grant Program

Funded Projects

Grants for International Grant Program Fiscal 2015

Comments by the Selection Committee Chair on the International Grant Program

TYTID Project Title Project Leader Position, Organization Grant Amount(yen)
Aging society
D15-N-0006 Exploring the System of Livelihood-Centered Community Building for the Elderly: A Lens through Field-Works in China and Japan Yanyan Li Professor/Representative, Komazawa University/Japan-China Civil Society Network 5,000,000
D15-N-0009 International Harmonization of the "Training of the Trainers" Program of Community Health and Social Service for Older Persons Takeo Ogawa President, Non-Profit Organization Asian Aging Business Center 5,000,000
D15-N-0010 Construction of Effective Network for Well-being of the Left-behind Elderly in Rural Community Through Cooperative Studies between Ha Tinh and Quang Ngai Provinces, Vietnam and Minamata City, Japan Tran Thi Minh Thi PhD, Vice Director, Institute for Family and Gender Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences 4,000,000
D15-N-0027 Placemaking of Spiritually Rich Death at Home Based End of Life Care: Japanese and Thailand Various Home Based Care Practitioner Exchange Knowledge and Experience about End of Life Care at Nishinomiya, Amagasaki City and Ubon Rat District Khon Kaen Province Hiroki Koyama Research Student, Graduate school of anthropology,Kyoto Bunkyo University 5,000,000
D15-N-0028 The Joint Research between Japan and Korea for the Development of a Community Safety Net Program and a Regional Comprehensive Care System that Correspond to Poverty and Disparity Issues: Community with Empathy from Confrontation Sadahisa Noguchi Professor, Nihon Fukushi University 4,970,000
D15-N-0036 Interlocal Partnership for Creating Cross-Generational Care Community Masato Kawamori Professor, Osaka University 5,000,000
D15-N-0061 Proposing Supports for People Confronting Double Responsibility of Care: Through an Exchange Programme among Japanese and Korean Professionals and Carers who Support and Provide Double Responsibility of Care Keiko Azuma Chair, Non Profit Organization Sherlockhomes 4,920,000
D15-N-0065 Research on Reclassification of the Job Placement and Volunteer Work Realms of the Elderly Moo Sung Chung University Vice-Chancellor, Korea Soongsil Cyber University 5,000,000
Subtotal 8 38,890,000
Multicultural society
D15-N-0032 See the Future of Multicultural Society with the Next Migrant Generation Kwang-il Yoon Director, Sookmyung Institute for Multicultural Studies 5,000,000
D15-N-0041 Towards an Inclusive Environment for Children of Migrant and Multicultural Families in The Philippines, Japan and South Korea Maruja M.B. Asis Director, Research and Publications, Scalabrini Migration Center 5,000,000
D15-N-0063 Policy Recommendations for the Role of Community Concerning the Safe Migration and Settlement: Through Sharing Knowledge and Experience of Japan and the Philippines Nanako Inaba Professor, Sophia University Faculty of Global Studies 5,000,000
D15-N-0069 Beyond Tolerance: Working Hand-in-hand to Promote the Social Inclusion of Migrants and Their Families Reiko Harima Regional Coordinator, Mekong Migration Network 6,000,000
Subtotal 4 21,000,000
Forum Grant
D15-N-1001 Livelihood Security for the Elderly in an Aging Society: Focusing on Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam Sung-won Kim Associate Professor, Tokyo Keizai University 7,000,000
D15-N-1002 Integration of Migrants and Social Policy Issues: Reflections from Japan, Korea and Thailand Towards Creation of Inclusive Society Kyoko Kusakabe Associate Professor, Asian Institute of Technology 7,000,000
D15-N-1003 "Local Energy Governance" in Aging Society: Toward Sustainable Community Using Renewable Energy Takuo Nakayama Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University 9,000,000
Subtotal 3 23,000,000
Total 15 82,890,000

For details of each project, please move to our "Search Projects" page, and search by each project's TYTID (for example: D15-N-00XX).

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