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Grant Projects: Activities

Symposium hosted by Communication with Society Program project

update:September 26, 2014

Mr. Ken'ichi Hara, Director, Saga Prefectural DV Prevention Center

On September 6th, a symposium was held at Kanagawa University of Human Services, hosted by the project ”Constructing an Comprehensive Community-based Support System for Sexual Assault Victims: Focusing on Dispatching of Information, Training of Supporters, Enlightening and Awareness Building”.

The symposium welcomed about 50 attendees including experts and public administration personnel in related fields, and citizens from the city of Yokosuka where the gathering took place. The participants were provided with an opportunity to consider how they could construct a better support system for sexual assault victims, and deepened their recognition of the importance of multi-agent, multi-disciplinary collaborations.


In the first half of the symposium, the audience shared the importance of long-term support and some essential points in constructing a support system. Discussions were based on the pioneering case in Saga Prefecture, Japan where the local administration takes the initiative in providing support for sexual assault victims.

In the second half, presentations were made on the actual support in Yokosuka for sexual assault victims and the method of multi-disciplinary collaborations. These were carried out from the respective standpoint of each speaker; a lawyer, a local government official, and a hospital nurse. The presentations aroused a lively Q&A session with so many questions from the audience who were eager to ask the speakers about the details of the present support system for sexual assault victims.

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