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Other Program

Communication with Society Program

Communication with Society Program for Fiscal 2017

Program Objectives

In the same manner as previous years, this Foundation-driven program is aimed at promoting results and methods of past projects founded by the Toyota Foundation grants.

It especially seeks to support projects that intend to change the very structures of society by making policy proposals based on the insights generated by past projects. The Foundation identifies candidate projects through monitoring and other screening methods, and the grant recipients and program officers collaborate to effectively disseminate proposals to society.

Funded Projects


TYT ID Project Title Representative Organization Grant
Amount (Yen)
D16-SC-0001 Develpoment and Practical Use of Materials for Educating Adults to Encourage Children Who Support Peers Suffering from Mental Difficulties and Bullying: Towards Development of Warm-hearted, Mutually-supporting Schools and Communities Tsukasa Sasaki Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo 4,000,000
D16-SC-0002 Disserminating the "Scheme of Livelihood Support" as the Base to Work and Live Kumi Katsuta Project Memuro 5,690,000


TYT ID Project Title Representative Organization Grant
Amount (Yen)
D15-SC-0001 Publication of Charity System in the UK: Its Transformation and Implication on Charitable Policy in Japan Tatsuo Ohta The Japan Association of Charitable Organizations 1,200,000
D15-SC-0002 Proposals to Address Realities and Issues Surrownding Projects in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, with a Focus on the Usuiso,
Toyoma, Numanouchi, Yotsukura, and Hisanohama Housing Projects
Hideo Hasegawa The Support Organization Minpuku 1,730,000


TYT ID Project Title Representative Organization Grant
Amount (Yen)
D14-SC-0001 Publication of “Biographical Dictionary of Post War Myanmar Writers (1945-2000) Thant Thaw Kaung Myanmar Book Centre Co, Ltd. 1,200,000
D14-SC-0002 Basic Development Project for Community Foundations and Other Organizations: Developing Guidelines, International
Survey of Human Resource Development, and Considerations for Directing Activities
Masataka Fukao Community Foundations JAPAN 5,000,000


TYT ID Project Title Representative Organization Grant
Amount (Yen)
D13-SC-0001 Japanese International NGOs Working Towards a Sympiotic Society in Asia: Our Experiences and Appeals Michio Ito Asian Community Center 21 ¥10,000,000
D13-SC-0002 Constructing a Comprehensive Community-based Support System for Sexual Assault Victims: Focusing on Dispatching of
Information, Training of Supporters, Enlightening and Awareness Building
Tokuko Munesue Faculty of Law, Institute of Human Sciences, Kanazawa University ¥2,000,000
D13-SC-0003 Dissemination of Research Results about Living Condition of Residents under Temporaly Housing Masaki Iwafune Kagoshima University ¥2,000,000
D13-SC-0004 Enhancement of Academic Writing Skills for International Publishing through a Preparation for a Manuscript of Education
for Ethnic Minorities in Cambodia and Vietnam Edited Volume
Truong Huyen Chi University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Hanoi ¥2,000,000


TYT ID Project Title Representative Organization Grant
Amount (Yen)
D12-SC-0001 Life History of Lao Multi-ethnic War Veternas Khambai Nyundarat Freelance Project Consultant US$6,200
D12-SC-0002 Organizing a Symposium on Risk-Communication and Working Together with Industries towards Community
Development and the Better Future at the Map Tha Put Industrial Zone in eastern Thailand
Shigeharu Nakachi Kumamoto Gakuen University ¥3,200,000
D12-SC-0003 Multi-Stakeholder Workshops on Community-Based Forest Managements in Indonesia :Towards Participatory Land Use
and Conservation Planning
Akira Harada Japan Tropical Forest Action Network (JATAN) ¥3,500,000
D12-SC-0004 Mekong Symposium on Migration: Migrants from the Mekong Neighbouhood Living Together—Seeking Coherent
Responses to Enable Integration and Social Cohesion of Migrants in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS)
Jacqueline Pollock Mekong Migration Network ¥4,000,000
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