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From the Foundation

IGP Grant Award Ceremony in FY 2018 was held in Tokyo

update:October 26, 2018

IGP Grantees in FY 2018 with the staff members of the foundation

Naoko Arimori (D16-N-0128) and Ayaka Yamashita (D16-N-0201,D17-N-0155)

Dr. Kiyoko Kanki is making a presentation at the Workshop

On October 17th, Grant Award Ceremony of the International Grant Program in FY 2018 was held at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo. 
We had around 80 participants including the grantees and the selection committee members. 

In the session 1, after the opening remarks by Yu Asano, Managing Director of the Toyota Foundation, Naoko Arimori (D16-N-0128)このリンクは別ウィンドウで開きます and Ayaka Yamashita (D16-N-0201, D17-N-0155) このリンクは別ウィンドウで開きますmade a presentation on each project as the present grantees. Their comments were full of insights that encourage the new grantees. 

Subsequently, four experts out of the foundation; Akira Suehiro (Selection Committee Chair/ Professor, Gakushuin University), Shinichi Takeuchi (IGP Evaluation Committee Chair/ Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), Tadashi Ogawa (IGP Evaluation Committee / Professor, Atomi University), Mitsue Tamagake (IGP Evaluation Committee / Researcher, International Development Center of Japan) gave their comments at the Panel Discussion entitled “What Brings Us Beyond Understanding To Empathy?: Interim Summary for IGP Evaluation Dialogues”. 

In the following session 2, Grant Award Ceremony, after the remarks by Atsuko Toyama, President of the Toyota Foundation, and the comments by Akira Suehiro, Selection Committee Chair, the 2018 IGP grantees received the Certifications of the Award from Toyama.

On October 18th, the new grantees gathered to give presentations to the other fellows. They shared the ideas and passion.

We would like to express our appreciation to all the participants who kindly joined us. 

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