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Grant Projects: Products

"Dragon Lake "and "Lesson Plans on the History of Migration" came out (International Grant Program).


update:March 10, 2015

Dragon Lake

Lesson Plans on the History of Migration

Education systems are crucial transmitters of both multicultural values and the prejudices which lead to the social exclusion of migrant communities. This project aimed at providing the Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Japanese Ministries of Education and Culture with concrete recommendations and educational materials to facilitate mutual understanding among children from different backgrounds.

As a result, 2 types of publications in order to highlight the prominent role migratory processes play in shaping society came out. Firstly, a children’s book promoting multicultural values, targeted local and migrant children in Thailand was published in Thai, Burmese, Shan, Khmer, Lao and English. Secondly, lesson plans on the theme of migration were developed for use in public and independent schools in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Japan to highlight the role of migration in shaping society. These materials were produced in consultation with civil society organizations, education specialists, in addition to input from children. The lesson plans are admitted to be very relevant to the school curriculum in Thailand and can be incorporated into the social studies curriculum.

Furthermore, the theme of teaching multicultural values at school were discussed at a subsequent symposium, where representatives from the Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC), the Thai Ministry of Education, participated along with representatives from civil society organizations, public schools, universities and migrant learning centers.

This publication came out as a result of the project titled “Embracing Diversity: Advocating Educational Reform to Promote Multicultural Values and Mutual Understanding Between Migrant and Local Communities” by the Toyota Foundation’s 2013 International Grant Program, headed by Ms. Reiko Harima.

PDF versions of educational materials are also downloadable at MMN website.
Lesson Plans on the History of Migration

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