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Grant Projects: Activities

Symposium “Vision for renewable energy in Hokkaido” (International Grant Program)

update:February 5, 2015


On 23rd January, a symposium "Vision for renewable energy in Hokkaido" was held in snowy Sapporo. This symposium was a part of the project “Renewable Energy and Regional activation: Regime and actor analysis, its achievement and further agenda, its appeal to all Japan and Asia“ funded by Toyota Foundation International Grant Program 2014. The symposium welcomed about 200 attendees including local government officers, practitioners and researchers in related fields, and citizens.

Following Professor Fumikazu Yoshida's lecture on the topic, a panel discussion with the mayor of Sapporo city, a government official from Suttu town, and the representative of Hamanaka-cho agricultural cooperative shared their experience, challenges, and dream.


Hokkaido has a high potential for the introduction for the renewable energy. This project is trying to find the result and the achievement of the introducing the renewable energy at Hokkaido area and to policy proposal for the improvement of regime and actor.
This project is focusing on the social condition and agenda of the renewable energy project which is contributing the regional activation.
At the same time, the project is organizing the seminar and panel discussion of succeeded projects such as citizens windfarm and solar panel project of agricultural coop, biogas plant.
The result will be disclosed to all Japan and Asian countries focusing on the improvement proposal after the introduction of FIT in Japan.

For the summary of the Foundation-funded project, please search by "D14-N-0035" in our "Search Project" page.

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