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Initiative Program

Initiative Program for Fiscal 2016(Not open to the general public.)

Program Objectives

Under this program, the Toyota Foundation makes grants for the following kinds of projects.  And it identifies applicants AT ITS OWN DISCRETION.
-- Projects ought to be supported by foundations in a concerted manner
-- Projects that cannot be supported by public money yet worthy of private foundation’s grants
-- Projects connected with the Toyota Foundation’s own research and study
-- Projects emanated from the unsolicited ones under its other grant programs.  These projects are selected by the Toyota Foundation’s own monitoring process with a view to greater outcome.

Grants for projects are decided at Board of Directors meetings on the basis of deliberation by the selection committee.

As a three-year project starting in April 1, 2014, we have already decided to support SEASREP(Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program) Foundation’s activities from 2014 to 2016 (D13-PI-006).  For details on SEASREP, please click here to make a link to the Website of SEASREP Foundation.

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You can search the database of projects.

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